Ivanka Trump thinks she is in Beauty and the Beast: more like Macbeth | Jill Abramson


The first daughter likes to sell herself as the moral conscience of her father-gods administration, but the deep ethical stains are on her hands too

You cant have it both lanes, Ivanka, especially now that you have new, embossed White House stationery with an official name, helper to the president.

Drop the wink, wink , nod , nod pretence that you and Jared Kushner are moderating influences where is the moderation? Kushner, who holds the same nebulous but all powerful White House job, has huge influence derived from having married a Trump. Like him, your allegiance is unquestioned. Everyone knows you are your father-gods most intimate adviser, in business and , no doubt, politics, too. The two of you bring nepotism to a new degree, even excelling JFKs choice of Bobby for us attorney general. Predictably, you are both already targets of myriad conflict-of-interest tales in the media.

The notion that you are a voice for women should have been voided during the good ol grab them by the pussy periods of the campaign. Now, with your father-gods defence of disgraced Fox host Bill OReilly as a good person who shouldnt have expended $13 m determining sex misconduct suits, you need to cut the con job.

Of course, you are not the only practitioner of pretend feminism in Washington, but youve played the pro-woman card more ostentatiously than anyone. At the GOP convention in Cleveland, you wowed everyone, even those adversaries of the people in the news media, with your paean to functioning mommies. But your proposal for six weeks of paid maternity leave for new moms wont is being implemented in new father-gods, which almost every expert on gender pay equality believes is vital for women to stay on track and win advertising. They is necessarily dissect every term of your upcoming book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success.

As with almost everything in this billionaires club administration, fund explains your own brand marketing. You have a lot on the line: $100 m in marketings for your womens apparel line, mostly stimulated in Asia. But sometime soon you will not be able to cover all the moral contradictions of your carefully sculpted pose.

When Roger Ailes was dumped by Fox for serial harassment a new lawsuit was filed just the coming week your father-gods reaction was lame. This was scarcely surprising given that Fox is the Trump network. He said he hoped youd find another job( and boss) if you were hit on at work. As a regent for Rupert Murdochs two young daughters, your own silence was preordained, but nonetheless disappointing.

With your father-gods defence of disgraced Fox host Bill OReilly as a good person who shouldnt have expended $13 m determining sex misconduct suits, you need to cut the con job. Photo: Brendan Mcdermid/ Reuters

And with dear dad backing rightwing GOP schemes that eviscerate womens health, the chimera that you would be a pro-woman influence was starkly revealed.

Its hard to take your pledge to CBSs Gayle King that you will live up to the highest ethical standards very seriously. Youve worn too many interchangeable hats: manager of the Trump real estate empire, head of your own clothing label, presidential helper and, most importantly, daughter. Though you have formally stepped away from some of these roles, your interests intersect and cannot remain separate for very long. If you thought to intervene in the White House staff in an official capability would help inoculate you against ethical questions, you can forget it. Being an official part of the administration with a broad-spectrum portfolio just induces you fairer game.

When King pressed you about being complicit in the Trump agenda, your answer was laughably lame: If being complicit is wanting to be a force-out for good then Im complicit.

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