Ivanka Trump Got Asked To Lobby Another Cause, Despite Staying “Out Of Politics


A prominent official with the United Nations is hoping the first daughter can change her dad’s mind on an important issue. Get in line, pal, but I wouldn’t comprise your breath.

The head of the UN World Food Programme said he hopes Ivanka Trump will lobby against cuts to humanitarian aid, The Guardian reported on Wednesday. David Beasley, a former governor of South Carolina who supported Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, met with the younger Trump in early June to discuss famine and humanitarian assistance. The two even had a alluring photo op together.

Beasley is hoping that Trump will push against her father’s proposedcuts to foreign aid.

The president has proposed cutting about 32% of diplomacy and aid spending, per Reuters. The cuts would drastically reduce funding for programs like world health and maintaining peace, as well as food aid, and ought to have opposedby his fellow Republicans in Congress.

I think we’ve got another advocate on our side, Beasley mentioned of Trump. He continued,

She’s savvy. I’ve got two daughters and I know that when a daughter comes to me, Daaad, you can’t become your daughter down. We’re playing that.

His anticipations fly in the face of Trump’s own statements about her role in the White House. It was literally three days ago that Ivanka Trump was argued that she tries to stay out of politics in an interview with Fox& Friends.

You know, despite the White House office, role as an advisor, and her high-profile meetings with international heads of state.

Beasley isn’t the first to hope that the first daughter, reportedly the advisor most likely to have the president’s ear, would champion his cause.

She’s been asked to advocate for important issues like women’s health care and climate change, and has weighed inwomen-centric subjectslike equal pay.

But despite her reputation as a trusted advisor, Trump doesn’t have the best track record at changing her father’s mind when it comes to policy.

The most recent iteration of the RepublicanSenate health care bill cuts funding to Schemed Parenthood, and President Trump moved to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change in early June. And equal pay? In March, her father revoked the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order.

So, perhaps, don’t threw all your eggs in that basket.

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