Instagram Stories has massively changed how I use the app


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Our Instagram Stories are awash with snapshots of our everyday lives. But , now that there’s a hidden trove reserved for our most private and dare-I-say basic snaps. Instagram’s already-very-high bar for posts has snuck to a scary new height.

Recently, somewhere between posting photos of chilled glass of ros and intricate latte art on my Story, I noticed a drastic transformation in accordance with the rules I was applying the app. So drastic that I’m frozen by self-doubt when I go to post anything on my main grid.

A few weeks ago, I did something I’ve been doing for years: I uploaded a photo to Instagram. That sunny evening, I casually posted a snap of my garden on my Story complete with a “lit” sticker. But, when I went to share a similar photo on my main feed, I hesitated for a moment. “Is that is something that Insta-worthy? ” I asked myself. My finger hovered nervously over the “Share” button. I made the button and instantly regretted it. I worried that the photo wasn’t good enough, that it was too basic. I opened and closed the app five times before eventually opting to delete the photo entirely.

Way back when Stories didn’t exist, I had no qualms about posting shoots of my meat, cocktails or photos of me and my friends on a night out. But, fast forward to the present day, those photos wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near my Instagram grid.

In that minute, it dawned on me just how much Narratives has changed the route I use the app. I now seem an added pressure to post merely unusual, entertaining and* importantly* high quality photographs and video. There’s definitely no chamber for basic selfies or latte art.

I am not the only one who feels this route. Blogger Vicky Charles says that before Narratives first “re coming out” she “wasn’t genuinely bothered” about what she posted on her Instagram. But now she’s “paying more attention” to her Instagram after realising she’d been posting too much, and at the wrong times.

“I started putting the general “this is my day” stuff on Stories, and started using my profile for the better shootings, which I started posting at a more specific time of day, ” mentions Charles. “I imagine the bar is definitely higher, ” she continued, as people now post “much more staged shots”.

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Travel blogger Fabio Virgi says he’s now a lot more selective these days as the standard for quality on Insta is significantly higher. “Stories definitely made a big impact because as a travelling blogger, people want to see a lot of your behind the scenes stuff. If you’re sharing that live via your Story, then there’s less need for a dedicated post, ” he says.

Virgi says Story are a useful alternative when the lighting on a photograph isn’t perfectly right, or you haven’t managed to get that “ideal” shot. He says posting it on your Story means you can avoid the “worry of quality and judgement”.

Fitness trainer Julia Buckley says that she’s also seemed a noticeable transformation on Instagram, but she’s detected it “quite liberating”.

“Because narratives will only be around for 24 hours, I’m more relaxed about what I post there, ” says Buckley. “But, yeah, I probably have started to feel like the images on my main Instagram need to be higher quality now.”

“In the photos and videos I post in Stories I’m not typically wearing any make-up, if it’s first thing in the morning I likely won’t have even brushed my hair, ” says Buckley. She mentions she likes presenting her authentic self on Stories so people can see discrepancies between the type of images fitness Instagrammers post and how they look in real life.

Basic narrative vs Insta quality

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But, by simply sharing our authentic selves on Instagram Tale and not on our grids, are we widening the subdivide between the authentic and fake on Instagram? Since noticing the shift in my Insta-habits, I’m making a more conscious effort to ease off the pressure on posts. I don’t want to censor my posts for fear of being too basic or mundane. After all, what’s wrong with being basic?

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