Inside the shocking conspiracy theory that Pikachu is an imposter


What is even real anymore ?

Image: nintendo/ mashable composite

If you were anywhere near the internet Monday, you probably read something about that Avril Lavigne imposter assumption that has resurfaced again.

Well, you can forget about that now. It’s age-old news.

Because the thing is, after you’ve read the following, life-altering tweet, everything about “the worlds” as you know it will be so entirely turned on its brain that you won’t even recollect who Avril Lavigne is anymore. You might not even recollect you own name.

Are you ready?

OK, here moves 😛 TAGEND

Fuck. Ing. Hell.

We don’t know what’s more shocking: the assumption itself, or the simple fact that it was right there in front of us all along, hiding in plain sight.

Twitter was stunned.

Soon, more proof was being gathered.

Eventually a side weave “ve opened” arguing that it was a simple lawsuit of weight loss

…but ultimately, real Pokmon devotees knew the simple truth: nothing will ever be the same again.

It’s a strange, sick world.

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