I Got Hair Extensions To Be Like Kim Kardashian And Now I Look Better Than Ever


If I could have anything in the world more than a boyfriend, a dog, or a strong sense of self-worth it “wouldve been” Kim Kardashians hair extensions.

WAIT, DONT LEAVE YET. Let me explain. It all started when I was 13 years old.

It was a cloudy afternoon back in 2001 2 p.m. to be precise( just go with it) when I decided to look my prepubescent face in the mirror and say, You know what, youre ugly as inferno. But I think we can fix this.

I pulled out a pair of scissors from my desk drawer and decided to cut off approximately seven inches of my mane. It was freeing at the time and I genuinely thought a shorter do would induce me look like Lizzie McGuire in Season 1 without the crimp. CLASSIC MISTAKE.

Disney Channel

I immediately regretted the move, andstraightened my whisker to try and salvage any duration that was left. It was in that instant I felt a true, intimate connection deeper than Ive ever felt with a human to my mane straightener. I needed it, I wanted it, but I wasnt aware how much it would ruin my life.

Haha, sounds like my ex.* High five*( I dream about you every night)

Fast forward 11 times and here “were about”! Its me, you guys a 24 -year-old celebrity editor who expends nine hours per day stalking the Kardashians.Kourtney, Kim, Khlo, Kylie, Kendall, and even Rob give me life when I need to feel better about my own. I Adoration THEM ALL.

REX/ Shutterstock

Obviously, Kim is the OG, so we have to talk about her first. That womans hair is so luscious, I have dreamings about running my thumbs through it on the reg.( Too much? My b .)

Shes ever switching up her seem and isnt “afraid youre going to” stone hair extensions even if it requires 50 million dollars and frequent visits to the salon. GIRLS DEDICATED AF!

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images for The Girls Lounge

Since I was 13, Ive urgently tried to grow my mane back, but it only wont get to the duration it used to be. Its frizzy and injury, and Im likewise stressed, so that probably doesnt assist. IVE TRIED EVERYTHING: avocado masks, apple cider vinegar, vitamins, oils, screaming alone in the bathroom.

But one thing Ive never tried before is tape-in hair extensions with Paul Labrecque. Yup, if you havent heard about Paul and his parlour, then you better take a seat.

Paul Labrecque Salon& Spa was founded in 1988 by Paul himself. His shop started on the Upper West Side of NYC and had now been expanded into three full service salon& spas in Manhattan, and one in downtown Philadelphia.

Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa

This quote by Paul literally sums it up 😛 TAGEND

My passion is making my patrons seem and feel their best. It is what I love to do building people feel confident, beautiful, sexy and full of life.

Honestly, how could you not be sold? Paul is an expert when it comes to hair extensions and celebrity-inspired styles.Thats why I knew he was the only person who could do this undertaking right. If Paul couldnt save my hair , no one could.

I first arrived to the parlour a few weeks before my scheduled appointment for a whisker consultation. Paul and I briefly discussed why I craved extensions, so I told him “its for” a few inches of duration and a whole lot of volume.

( Make me prettier, Paul. Please, I need you .)

Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa

A consultation is important and honestly, mandatory for anyone who wants hair extensions, so your stylist can color-match you and also know how much whisker to order.

Paul explained,

During your consultation, I do a colouring match. The extensions are only good as the match of their hair colouring and they should never run darker than the mane at the end, especially in todays way. The idea is the brown[ my whisker coloring] should be a slightly lighter color.

He shared with me all the possible styles that can come from adding extensions: You can highlight, change the colour, and truly do anything.

We can also give you ombre extensions if you didnt want to ombre your whisker because you didnt want substances on your mane, I can order you ombre extensions that will ombre your whisker for you. So, a lot of celebrities because they dont wishes to put bleach go light or dark[ and] a lot of it is does so with extensions.

After our short chat, I left the salon already feeling like Kim Kardashians twin. A week later, I returned to the parlour and was ready to have the outer match the in. He he he. Im garbage, I know.

Paul told me I would be get surgical tape extensions, which happen to be his all-time fave is comparable to micro-beads, proteinpolymers, and sew-in expansions( a weave ).

Katie Corvino

For my hair specifically, surgical tape expansions were the best alternative because they lie flat on the psyche and, according to Paul, wont injury the mane as much as beads.

The metal beadings have a glue inside of the metal like an epoxy. You squeeze it and the epoxy lets go and holds to the mane, and because it gusts onto the whisker It makes a pretty bad knottage in the mane[ thats] hard to get out, but they last about three months. People imagine the beadings are healthier but theyre not, theres something in them to make them stay on.

Surgical tape extensions, on the other hand, last 10 weeks and have an easier removal process because there is less knotting. Theyre also most secure. Paul explained,

Its the kind of tape they use for a meander on your body to comprised the weave closed. It doesnt let moisture in. You get it wet and it wont open up, theres no chance of it opening.

Sounds legit to me. Paul, I know we just met, but I trust you with my life.

The next stair was straightening my mane to help it blend with the new expansions. Once my chief was lookin shiny and sleek, Paul and his assistant attached small-scale batches of the hair extensions( about an inch broad) to my head.

Heres how it operates: Each section has a double-sided adhesive thats used to attach the bond to your natural hair. Your real hair lies right between two of the add-on pieces, so the extensions blend in perfectly.

Heres a close up pic, just so you can see what I mean.

Katie Corvino

It was a super easy, super painless procedure that took a little over an hour. THATS IT. I candidly didnt even feel them touching my head.

Once each strand was attached and in place, Paul curled my hair use a Good Hair Day( ghd) cast-iron. LADIES, if theres one thing you need keep in your wardrobe, its this.

ghd Professional Classic 1 Styler, $101.19, Amazon

Paul explained the cast-iron is the perfect tool for celebrities because it can straighten or curl your whisker all in one 😛 TAGEND

It straightens[ and] it curls just by bending it, so I can get a nice curl on the mane If I draw straight, I make it straight but the minute I wrap the mane all over the cast-iron, I make it curl sort of like how scissors go down a ribbon.

Celebrities love to use it because they love to have one thing they do everything with when they traveling, and it does ponders with extensions. Only move slow, you wont watch where one objectives and one begins.

Im not trying to exaggerate, but I actually looked like a simulate. Kim Kardashian, is why you ?!

Theresa Massony/ Elite Daily

( Also, these pics were taken two weeks after I got the extensions. THEYRE STILL GOING STRONG, YOU GUYS .)

If youve ever been concerned about adding hot to expansions, dont be. Anything you can do to regular hair, you can do to these babes. Theyre real human whisker, so curl dat ish up!

Katie Corvino

I then asked Paul to give me his best haircare tips for extensions, and he laid them on me.

First, never let the whisker knot. Be sure to brush your extensions and make sure they dont tangle. Ive had my extensions for almost two weeks now and I havent had any issues.

The second tip-off is to style your natural hair and the extensions together. If you want to curl your mane, take a piece of both. Dont treat them separately. As Paul sets it, You want them to infuse together so theyll look very real.

The third tip is to only move four to five inches longer, MAX. Paul says you dont even have to go longer with extensions you can get them cut to the same duration as your normal whisker and simply have them added for thickness.

However, if you choose to go longer than Pauls recommendation, he cautions the expansions might not mix as well and look less natural. Pauls a pro, you guys. LISTEN TO PAUL.

Now, Im not gonna lie: Extensions are a lot of fund, but there are affordable alternativies. For people who cant spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their whisker, Paul recommends Halo hair extensions.

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