‘Huge victory’: progressives vow to keep fighting GOP health bill after vote delay


Activists warn battle to overcome healthcare bill in Senate is not over but express said he hoped that senators will face pressure from constituents during 4 July recess

Progressive activists hailed a huge succes and a giant step toward single-payer healthcare on Tuesday, after Senate Republicans were forced to postpone a poll on their proposed healthcare bill.

Many advised, nonetheless, that the combat was not over, promising continued attempts to pressure Republican senators over the Fourth of July recess and beyond.

Thousands of activists from groups including Our Revolution, Indivisible and Schemed Parenthood had spent the past week mounting frantic efforts to derail the legislation, which the Congressional Budget Office( CBO) told would leave 22 million more people without health coverage over the next 10 years.

On Tuesday, after a number of GOP senators said they would not vote for the bill, the majority of members leader, Mitch McConnell, told his caucus he would delay the vote on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act( ACA) until after the coming recess.

Its beyond a win, said RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, which encouraged member states to pressure Republican senators to vote against the bill. What people are saying is, We crave national societies, we dont crave a market to safeguard our health.

The bill would have been a victory for insurance companies, DeMoro said, and senators apparent dislike for the legislation was a jolt for both those companies and Republicans.

I think this is a giant stair toward single-payer healthcare the fact that they overcame the Republican because ultimately, embedded in that is a overcome for free-market fundamentalism.

Indivisible, a progressive organisation established after the 2016 election to oppose Donald Trump and Republican policies, mobilized activists from more than 3,000 sections across the country to protest the bill.

It is a huge, huge win, mentioned Ezra Levin, Indivisibles executive director. But its not a final victory.

Levin mentioned Indivisibles ultimate goal was to defeat the bill outright, but the short-term plan had been to delay a vote until after the Senate recess.

House Republicans who voted for the 1st and 2nd iterations of their own healthcare bill, which passed in May, faced angry receptions at town hall events during the April and May recesses.

McConnell was trying to rush it through this week because he knew Fourth of July recess was coming up, Levin told. He knew senators would be heading back to their states and hearing from their constituents, so he knew it was going to get harder if the vote was delayed.

It was not a foregone conclusion that the bill would be defeated, Levin mentioned. The challenge now is going to keep the pressure up. We cannot forget what happened on the House side. This is a huge blow against Trumpcare but in order to actually defeat this, pressure will have to continue.

Winnie Wong, co-founder of People for Bernie, an independent activist group with more than thousands and thousands of supporters, echoed Levins concern but praised collaboration between dozens of leftwing groupings of the weeks leading up to the slow of the bill.

Its an effort that is being held up by almost all progressive groups, she mentioned, whether they have anything to do with the Democratic party or not, I think there is a unification between all progressives right now around making sure Trumpcare does not run through the Senate.

All these Republican lawmakers are really feeling the heat from their constituents. They are not stupid. And in some states you visualize them doing the right thing.

Our Revolution, a progressive organisation founded in the aftermath of Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, mentioned advocates had made almost 8,000 calls to the Senate to resist the bill.

Todays delay is a victory for the 22 million people who are at risk of losing coverage, told Shannon Jackson, Our Revolutions executive director. As senators head back home for the Fourth of July holiday we are still requirement they vote no on this immoral and disastrous bill.

The Working Families Party( WFP ), meanwhile, coordinated weekly protests outside the offices of Nevada senator Dean Heller and a sit-in in the agency of Susan Collins of Maine over the past few weeks. It also comprised a demonstration at Reagan national airport in nearby Arlington, Virginia, on Friday which targeted senators flying home for the weekend.

An unprecedented resistance movement has knocked Trumpcare off course, said WFP national director Dan Cantor. But “were not going” stop organizing, protesting or speaking out until this immoral proposal is crushed, jettisoned and buried.

Cantor predicted that Republican attempts to repeal the ACA will only serve to strengthen the resolve of millions of Americans to fight for the guarantee of healthcare for all.

In a statement, Planned Parenthood chairperson Cecile Richards called the Republican plan the most difficult bill for womens health in a generation that would devastate millions of people.

With the threat of a poll after recess week, nonetheless, Richards warned that it was now more important than ever for people to make their voices heard.

Republican leadership needs to hear over and over that the people of America will not stand to see healthcare stripped from millions, and they will not stand to realise Schemed Parenthoods patients lose their access to healthcare, she said.

Now, as senators go home for recess next week, its time to send the message that we need to stop this harmful bill once and for all.

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