How Vanessa Hudgens dropped 20 pounds and got her sculpted abs


Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since her High School Musical days.

In the 10 -plus times since the original cinema debuted, shes faced some personal legal difficulties, and stunned the two countries when she performed on FOXs Grease Live ! in January 2016 the working day after her parent died.

Physically, for one of her boldest roles yet, Agnes Apple Bailey, in 2013 s flick Gimme Shelter, she had to drop 20 pounds and chop off her long brunette locks.


But now, in a May cover story for Womens Health magazine, 28 -year-old Hudgens indicates shes in a healthy place emotionally and physically. During the interview, she exposed how she shed the extravagance weight for the demanding role, and shared her secrets for preserving a hot bod and healthy mind.

For one, Hudgens disclosed, she doesnt touch carbs. Instead, she opts for lots of healthy fats, like avocado.

“I eat a whole avocado a period, ” she told Womens Health. “We’ve been trained to think that fats are bad, but they’re so good a source of energy and sustenance that continues you going through the working day. That’s the only behavior I can not eat carbs.”


The eating plan has helped the 5-foot-1 actress shed 10 pounds, she told the magazine.

As for exert, Hudgens favors circuit develop, Pilates, yoga, and cycling at SoulCycle, their own nationals chain of indoor spinning studios based in New York City. In fact, she exposed she did two SoulCycle grades per period to plummet the 20 pounds she put on for Gimme Shelter, she told Womens Health.

“I tend to ride for the teaches. I’m such a musician, ” Vanessa, who likes to work out in her sports bra to show off her six-pack, told the publication. “I love being in front, because I’ll push myself harder and I’ll give the class energy too. So it’s a win-win.”

As for her finding, Hudgens, who got her start in theater, has a attitude akin to The indicate must go on, Womens Health reported. When her parent died, such an attitude gave her the strength she needed to perform on live TV after her dad died.

“My dad would not have wanted me to not do the indicate, she told the publication. I’m going to go out there, have a great time, do my best, and hope “the worlds” enjoys it, but most importantly, loved it myself.”

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