How Trumpcare Would Affect Your Ability To Take Care Of Your Sexual Health


The American Health Care Act( AHCA ), also known as Trumpcare, is the GOP’s attempted plan to supplant the Affordable Care Act( ACA ).

A version of the AHCAwas passed by the House of Representatives in early May and now, the Senate version of the billhas just been unveiled to the public.

If you’re amazed that a bill had to beunveiled, join the club: Multiple Senators have commented on the ridiculousness of the secrecy surrounding the Senate Republican drafting of the AHCA. Thirteen senators have been working on it, without showing it to the public or their fellow senators at all.

Senator Bernie Sanders lately called the House version of the AHCA theworst piece of legislation he’s considered to be in his lifetime, and he doesn’t belief the Senate bill will be much different.

The House version of Trumpcare, to no one’s astound, is particularly nasty for STD testing and our overall sex health. Not merely does itroll back upon women’s access to health care well, it’s also simply a generally a horrible bill.

Here are some of the ways Trumpcare will affect your ability to care for your sex health 😛 TAGEND

The pre-existing conditions opt-out would limit access to sexual and reproductive health.

Because countries would be able to opt out of encompassing people with certain pre-existing conditions, Trumpcare would significantlyraise the cost of health care for people with those conditions. Although that fact alone is already appalling, it gets even worse: The style those pre-existing conditions could be defined would be expanded under Trumpcare.

Unbelievably, things like maternity, C-sections, or even rapecould be considered pre-existing conditions. Postpartum depression could also thrown into the mingle on the list.

In other words, many women wouldn’t be able to access affordable care for circumstances that are very significant to their sexual and reproductive health. Although the GOP bill claims not to discriminate based on the results of gender, it does exactly that.

If access to care for women who are pregnant or the victims of sexual assault is limited, everyone suffers.

States could decide on their own essential benefitsand exempt real essential sex health benefits from being covered.

The Affordable Care Act required that certain essential benefits be covered by insurers. These benefits included things like maternity care, mental health coverage, prescriptions, and mammograms.

Under Trumpcare, states could apply for exemption of the inclusion of these benefits.

What this means for sexual health is that you could be facing higher costs to get things like general gynecological care something that’s vital to ensure you are healthy. Elevating the costs of prescription drugs also means that many people won’t be able to access the medications theyneed to treat whatever ailments they have.

Considering mental health an essential benefit meant that victims of sex crime would be able to receive the crucial care they needed after the assault affordably.Trumpcare changes all that.

Planned Parenthood would be defunded for a year.

Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest organisations for women’s sex health in the country.

Under Trumpcare, Medicaid would not be permitted to fund Planned Parenthood for a year. Right now, Planned Parenthood get money from reimbursements for care through Medicaid or other federal awards. Many of Planned Parenthood’s patients are able to receive care there because they are on a public health program. This defunding would entail a lot of women would be left without sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Although the Hyde Amendment ensures federal funding cannot going to see abortions, by restricting funds to Planned Parenthood this lane, many women of low incomes will find themselves without any kind of gynecological care at all.

Trumpcare allows Medicaid to fund other health organizations, but it won’t has become a necessity for that money to go towards women’s health care.

The ACA Medicaid expansion would be rolled back.

Under the ACA, states were provided funds in order to be allowed to expand Medicaid. With Trumpcare, this expansion would be repealed and the behavior nations receive Medicaid monies would change. What that entails is that states could choose between one of two funding options: a per beneficiary cap or a lump-sum block grant.

If they chose a block grant, they would get a specific amount of money for Medicaid every year. If they chose a per beneficiary cap, the money nations received from the federal government would be capped based on the number of Medicaid recipients or they could utilize caps per coverage groups groups like children, seniors, etc.

Either way, states would be receiving more limited funds overall. Not onlythat, but they could decide to limit the number of female beneficiaries or restriction certain sex health benefits things like options for contraception.

Access to birth control could be crushed by employers and universities quoting religious freedom.

Although Trumpcare doesn’t specifically address birth control coverage, our reality star president’s recently-signed executive ordering forcing the IRS to expand religious freedom could negatively impact contraceptive coverage under the AHCA.

If an employer or university didn’t want to provide family planning coverage under Trumpcare, they donothave to, as long as they cited a religion objection. Under Trumpcare, it wouldn’t even matter if girls were trying to access family planning for reasons other than actual birth control things like polycystic ovarian disorder( PCOS ) or endometriosis. Employers and schools could cut off contraceptive access at their whim.

And they may notneed to apply to the government for this. Instead, it would be a unilateral decision not to embrace their female employer’s needs for contraception anymore.

Trumpcare is very, very bad for women, and a detrimentto sex health overall. Trumpcare is, as Senator Sanders told, one of the most difficult parts of legislation ever andit’s a scary thought to suppose if this new bill comes to pass.

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