How The Air Force Might Change Your Life, Based On Your Current Life Goal

What does it mean to serve your country in the United States Air Force? Why not ask the Airmen who do it themselves? In partnership with the Air Force, Thought Catalog is giving you answers to the most frequently asked questions about serving as an Airman.
United States Air Force

1. ‘I want to help others’

If your life goal is to help others, the Air Force is the ultimate place for that. The Air Force Medical Service has hospitals and clinics that help individuals with physical health as well as mental. If you were to join, not only could you be changing other people’s lives for the better, you could change yours too.

The Air Force “goes into the fire” both literally and figuratively. Be it an out-of-control fire, or an international disaster that requires humanitarian aid, brave Airmen are some of the responders that will save property and lives.

2. ‘I want to travel’

If your life goal is to travel, the Air Force is a phenomenal place to work. Based on your career track, you may get to visit many countries, to travel the world, and to immerse yourself into different and exciting cultures. By joining the Air Force, you may get to see sights that you would never be able to see otherwise.

3. ‘I want to grow stronger mentally’

In the Air Force you will face challenges and lessons that will enrich you as a human being and will make you a much more courageous and determined person.

4. ‘I want to build strong relationships’

In the Air Force you may meet fellow Airmen that will become pals for life. The bonds formed between Airmen are often unbreakable. Some Airmen have even found future spouses within the service.

5. ‘I want to make a difference in this world’

By joining the Air Force you would have the chance to impact other people’s lives positively and make the world a better place. Being in the Air Force also expertly prepares you for many careers that make a difference in ways large and small, helping you to make your mark.

6. ‘I want to get my dream job’

Joining the Air Force isn’t just about putting on a uniform! It’s about learning and gaining skills you will never find anywhere else. The Air Force will teach you the lessons that will position you well for any number of future careers. You can receive a free college education too—opening even more career paths up to you.

7. ‘I want to feel empowered’

The Air Force prepares you to be a leader. With challenging fitness requirements, leadership training, and classes that teach specific skills, being an Airman will show you everything that you are capable of.

8. ‘I want to grow stronger physically’

Becoming an Airman takes a lot of work, and you are going to come out of it stronger than you ever were before. Every person’s Air Force training experience is a little different, but they all are designed to help you find your strengths and develop them even more.

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