Here’s the most flamin’ Aussie ‘The Voice’ contestant of all time


As most Australians live along the coast in urban areas, it’s not often someone as “ocker” as the guy in Crocodile Dundee comes along. But when they do, the people desire it.

The Voice Australia has unearthed Sam Hale and as well as being quitessentially “Aussie, ” he’s quite an impressive singer, as evidenced in his take over Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby.”

But it seems like most of the attention was on Hale’s slang-heavy contemplations, which basically intends he adoration falling the word “flamin'” into sentences something merely Alf Stewart from local soap opera Home and Away does, and he’s not even a real person.

Is Hale even a real person? Surely not.

Seal, who is one of the judges on the indicate, is a pretty big fan of how Hale speaks. Why wouldn’t you be? “It’s perfect … do you think you could coach me to speak like that? ” Seal asks Hale. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Meanwhile, Kelly Rowland is confounded and delighted, saying “I’m just trying to understand what you’re saying.”

And hey, spectators seem to like him too. Realise folks, this is how you win friends simply use the word “flamin'” a whole bunch of times.

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