Gymder is the creepy fitness app that swears it’s not a dating app


Let’s get one thing straight: people don’t want to be bothered, let alone hit on, at the gym. It’s sweaty, it’s smelly, and no one has their makeup or hair done. The gym is a place to only put on headphones, focus on improving yourself, and tune the rest of “the worlds” out.

A new smartphone app called Gymder is aiming to change the atmosphere of the gym from a place of solitude to an all out social get-together. After you create a profile on the app, it shows you other Gymder customers nearby that you can meet. Music familiar? It’s a behavior to find workout friends, share tips-off, and find people who are as annoyingly enthusiastic about maintaining their own bodies right and tight as you are.

So…this is basically a dating app, right?

Image: gymder

In their press release, Gymder asserts that it’s not a dating app by stating,

GYMDER is a Munich-based company with focus on social fitness. Its flagship product is a free location based breakthrough app that uniquely connects people in a fitness context. Thereby users can find one another and teach together anytime and anywhere. The GYMDER team includes fitness admirers that have found motive in one another and celebrated success together. Besides, the team includes experienced and passionate equivalents that have a joint eyesight and are strongly convinced that GYMDER will transform fitness.

However, according to Gizmodo , someone from Gymder’s press described the app as “Instagram/ Tinder for athletes”( blech ). Not to mention Gymder sounds exactly like Tinder and they are both used to “connect” people. Huh.

If that description alone doesn’t give you a reason to avoid the download button, according to Gizmodo , Gymder requires access to all your photos, and without this access, you won’t show up in the location-based home screen that indicates other customers nearby. The app is also designed more like Grindr than Tinder in the way that there’s no swiping left of right – only a home screen with a bunch of floating brains to find.

Image: gymder

Image: gymder

Notice how every person in this video is physically fit and gorgeous. Suspicious.

If even after learning about those creepy features, you’re still curious about how the app could work for you, check out this Gymder trailer.

Oh, is this what the gym is for? We had no idea. Good to know.

Contradictions aside, download Gymder at your own peril. We’re not sure what the hell is do with all the locating data and photos it compiles. If “youre using” it, be sure of everyone’s aims. This non-dating, dating app could be only an easier behavior for people to ogle you at the gym.

Have fun with your new “workout” buddy!

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