Guys Reveal The 11 Things That Made Them Realize Their Partner Wasn’t “The One”


We hear a lot about the usually sweet moment when people just knew their partner was the one.But what about the other saddermoment? What about the times when people realize that maybe the person they’ve spent all this time thinking was the one actually wasn’t the one at all.

We don’t hear about those moments as much, do we? This is likely becausewe’re all terrified of it. And even after that moment inevitably happens for some folks, it’s too sad to talk about.

Well,a few brave men on Reddit responded to a thread asking them about the moment they knew their SOthe one for them. These guys got brutally honest with their answers. And I share some of the most heart-wrenchingly real ones here with you:

Being alone was better than being with her.

When she stopped making me happier than I was when I was alone.


She pulled away.

Her way of speaking to me sweetly and calling me loving names changed, and refused to tell me why, saying she just didn’t feel like herself anymore. She became more and more withdrawn as I’d try to get her to communicate, almost becoming antagonistic at my attempts to find out. It’s hanging on by a thread now but I think I’ve already broken up with her mentally.


She cheated on him with his best friend.

I guess the day I discovered she had cheated on me with one of my best friends was a pretty good eye opener


She kept placing the blame on him.

Always trying to blame me for her own problems


She went a week without making an effort to talk to him.

I moved state and was the one to be keeping contact. One day, I tried waiting for her to contact me. She messages me a week later as if nothing was wrong. Lived with her for a year


They didn’t want the same things.

She wanted kids. I didn’t. Pretty much stopped right there.


She wished death upon his dog.

She told me she wanted my dog to choke on its own vomit and die. At that point, I didn’t think, I knew.


She didn’t support his new healthy lifestyle.

My ex gf from 15 months ago. I know she wasn’t the one when she wouldn’t go to the gym with me, or support my lifestyle change with me.

I knew weight loss is important to me, but not for her.


She doubted his rape.

Worked up the courage to tell her I had been raped in my last relationship and she responded “that’s not possible”


He couldn’t handle her guilty pleasure.

She admitted watching the Kardashians


He wasn’t over his ex.

When I became convinced that my ex is my soulmate.


All right, now, don’t get too down after reading what these guys had to say! Just remember, every breakup is just the beginning of something new and better. There’sa silver lining.

And of course, just because someone isn’t the one for you, doesn’t mean your one isn’t out there somewhere.

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