Goodbye, ClassPass. Hello, Reserve with Google!


“I should really try to clear my search history”
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Google just released its latest service to the world: a website that could help you get fit all while filling empty fitness studios around the world.

Reserve with Google is a new feature that allows you to see and volume fitness class in the U.S. It was previously only available in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The site drags together Google Maps and Google Search and puts them into a new Reserve with Google website( on desktop and mobile ).

Think Google Flights( flights) except “its all for” transforming your torso rather than hauling it.

You can search for fitness studios based on place and style. Google will also recommend ones to you. Here’s how it works on mobile 😛 TAGEND

1. Go to maps/ reserve. Prefer your date and place. You can also search for types of class. Select a time for the class.

2. Fill in your knowledge: epithet, email, phone number. Some of it will be preloaded if you’re signed in on Google Chrome.

3. Read the terms and conditions :). Choose whether you’re doing one class or want to buy a package and then press go to payment.

4. If you have a card preloaded on your Google Chrome, you can press one more button to pay.

It takes three taps to volume a class( if you have your knowledge preloaded ).

“We make recommendations based on courses you’ve taken, and will be exploring more ways to bring timely and useful recommendations to fitness devotees, ” a Google spokesperson told . “For example, you will soon be able to get each notification of new class that might be interesting to you.”

Google doesn’t work this sorcery alone. The tech monster are associated with top scheduling providers, including MINDBODY, MyTime, Genbook, Full Slate, Front Desk and Appointy, according to the release.

The whole thing is just like ClassPass, right? Well, this time you’re not left with an untenable business modeling, hiked up costs and mismanagement.

As someone who moved from paying $99 for limitless class to $125 for 10 on ClassPass, I’m going to go figure out how to cancel.

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