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Sidelined by achy knees? The key to avoiding sorenes might be on your plate: People with a fiber-rich diet are less likely to experience knee arthritis, new research in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases discovered.

Researchers investigated data regarding two separate analyses: The first, the Osteoarthritis Initiative( OI ), included virtually 5,000 participants; the other, the Framingham Offspring cohort, comprised more than 1,200. They discovered that the more fiber people eat, the less knee suffering they reported, and the less likely they were to be diagnosed with knee arthritis.( Here are four lanes young, healthy guys are wrecking their knees .)

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In fact, in OI study, the individuals who eat the most fiber per dayan average of merely over 20 grams( g) were 30 percentage less likely to have symptoms of knee arthritis and 19 percent less likely to report worsening suffering in their knees over the course of four years than those who ate the least fiber, or merely under 9 g per day.

In the Framingham study, those who feed the most fiber per daynearly 26 gwere 61 percent less likely to experience symptomatic knee arthritis than the individuals who ate the least, or merely under 14 g.

In both studies, eating more cereal fiber was linked to lower levels of knee ache, too.

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While the study cant prove that fiber actually induces the reduction in knee pain, it seems that there is something about the nutrient that is protective: Even after the researchers adjusted for potential factors that may be skewing the relationshipsay, that people who ate more fiber tend to have healthier diets overallthe link still remained.

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The researchers believe fiber helps protect your knees in a couple of ways: Fiber reduces levels of an inflammatory protein called CRP, and increases satiety, which prevents you from overeating. Thats important, since theres a strong link between knee arthritis and obesityalong with adding loading to your joints, extra fat also increase inflammation, which relates to pain.

The average guy currently takes in about 19 g a day, which is half of the recommended amount, as we reported.

Your move, then, is to work on becoming ever more fiber in your dietthe more you eat, the more your risk of knee arthritis reductions, even if you arent taking in the maximum quantity that the person or persons in such studies did.

Focus on attaining whole or minimally-refined sources predominant parts of your diet, tells Mens Health nutrition advisor Alan Aragon, M.S. That entails fibrous veggies like broccoli or Brussels germinates, beans and legumes, and oats and quinoa.

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