Finally there’s a way to find out the benefits of having a vagina


Your rights, mapped out.
Image: vagina benefits

Having a vagina doesn’t feel like it comes with great perks these days, but there are still a few benefits available to those of us who have them, believe it or not.

Thankfully there’s a new website to help us navigate what exactly theses benefits are. The helpfully named is put together by TIA, an app that provides women’s health advice, and is meant to help people who are trying to navigate our current insurance landscape.

So what exactly are these benefits? They’re women’s health services that the Affordable Care Act mandated be 100 percent covered by insurance. They include birth control without a copay, UTI and STI tests, pap smears, breast cancer screenings, and wellness exams. 

However, as efforts to undo pieces of the ACA — including the rollback of the birth control mandate — move forward in Washington, our federal access to these services are less and less secure. This leaves things in the hands of states, where it all gets very confusing.

That’s where the interactive map comes in. You can explore which states offer what coverage, and see how they’re ranked on the Vagina Benefits Index.  

This is especially relevant right now as the 2018 open enrollment period for ACA coverage has just started today. (It runs through December 15th.) But even if you have employer-based insurance, this is a great way to educate yourself on your rights and how to take full advantage of the available care. 

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