Fashion Model Has a Message for America About Her 162-pound 12-Yr-Old Daughter


Strong is the new sexy. Confidence is the new skinny. Weve all heard these mottoes floating around, but do you ever feel like the new #goals are just as impossible to reach as the old ones?

Author, mother, fashion model and fitness guru Gabrielle Reece took to her blog lately to share an important, and instead backwards, conversation that took place between her and her daughter about this growing trend, and what it means for all women.


In her video post, Gabby openly shares her altitude( 63) and weight( 175) with spectators. She then goes on to talk about how she lately had knee surgery and as a result “ve lost” 15 pounds because her absence of training ability has caused her to lose muscle.

Working up the motivation to actually get to the gym, let alone complete an effective workout is a daily struggle for me. So when I heard that Gabby lost 15 pounds without barely exerting, I definitely felt a trigger of jealousy. Losing weight without exerting could possibly be one of the greatest things on countries around the world. But Gabby reassures spectators that her weight loss is merely the opposite.

She introduces her daughter, Reece, and together they have a dialogue about their numbers. Where Gabby is 63 and weighs 160 pounds, her 12 -year old daughter is 510 and weighs 162 pounds.


As they were talking about their numbers, I immediately had flashbacks to the dozens of days Ive been at the gym with friends, and weve gotten on the scale together. I think about the anxiety that Ive experienced while the numbers flop around and start to land on a final answer. Then I think about the many times that Ive been relieved when my scale number is smaller than the girl next to me.

But why? If I weigh 120 pounds and my friend weighs 135, what does that mean to me? To her? Yes, my number is lower, but what does a lower number liken to when it comes to me as person or persons? If were being honest, even if my weight turns out to be lower than the girl next to me, I dont feel victorious, or even confident. I immediately jump to the number objective that I hope to be, or size up the body features that my friend has that I wish I could have.

Gabby and Reece go on to talk about how proud Reece was to weigh more than her mom after shestepped on the scalenot the reaction I was expecting.


Their viral message has now been viewed over 2 million times.

Conversation we were having in our house, which ever reminds me to be focused on being healthy and on your individual health. . . Never psyche the scale!

Posted by Gabrielle Reece on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The mother-daughter duo have an important message for all women: We devote so much to the scale when really we should be focused on: how do we seem, are we dedicating it our own personal best, and not worry about comparing or are concerned about the scale. Its empowering to learn a mom build her daughter up in an area that society have continued knock us down.

Their encouragement to girls built me reflect on my own self-image, and that of so many girls who can refer. I hope you will give more weight to how you move, to your strengths and to your value than you do to what you think you should look like or weigh.

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