Fake fitness buffs prank local morning shows and the results are glorious


Let’s get a slow clap for “Chop” and “Steele, ” folks. Because this YouTube prank is straight up brilliant.

“Chop” and “Steele” are not actually the weightlifting strongman duo they purport to be. They’re really a couple of major doofuses. But that didn’t stop some earnest local TV morning presents from booking the duo for fitness demonstrations.

From karate-chopping sprigs( wow !) to stomping on wicker baskets( impressive !), “Chop” and “Steele” committed local news onlookers all the exhilaration they could handle. The funniest portion is watching morning demonstrate anchors try to smile and nod along as our strongmen get weirder and weirder.

The bit, embedded atop this post, is part Best in Show , portion Borat .

But who, you ask, are “Chop” and “Steele” actually? They’re Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, a pair of comedians behind the The Found Footage Festival.

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