EXCLUSIVE! Melanie C Talks To Perez About The Spice Girls, Mel B’s Divorce Drama, And Her Latest Album! WATCH!


Sporty Spice 4EVA!

On Thursday, we did an EXCLUSIVE interview with Melanie C where she dished about everything from her insane fitness routine to her new kick-ass sound.

Last October, the Spice Girls singer released her seventh album Version Of Me where the British babe experimented with a bold electronic voice. According to the 43 -year-old, this change represents a “new chapter” in her life! She mentioned:

“I feel very excited about this tour, this present, and this album because I seem I’m going into a new chapter in “peoples lives”. I’ve gone through lots of changes. One of the big changes is the voice. Musically, I wanted to make an electronic album, so I was listening to loads of artists I desire from the 90 s.”

On the subject of her former group, the mother simply wants to participate in a reunion if ALL of the girls are on board. We’re looking at you, Victoria Beckham!

“Well, that’s the way I feel about it. It’s not just what happens on stage, it’s what happens off stage as well. Like old group of friends, there’s a dynamic … When Geri[ Halliwell] left in ‘9 8, it was really sad Without one of the Spice Girls, it’s not the real thing.”

We entirely understand her point!

Sadly , not all of her bandmates are doing well. As we reported, Mel B has accused ex spouse Stephen Belafonte of abuse. C mentioned of the issues 😛 TAGEND

“Obviously it’s not something that I’m comfortable talking about. Any of the girls, there’s highs and lows in all of “peoples lives”, and she’s having a really tough time right now but we’re everything there is for each other.”

Can’t get enough of Melanie C ?? THIS Saturday, we’re hosting a live creek of her concert in London where you can watch the entire performance at 12:45 p.m. PST!

In the mean time, ch-ch-check out the full interview( above )!