Curatio promises to matchmake people living with the same health conditions


Curatio is a way to manage a disease and talk to people going through the same thing .

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Anyone going through a health crisis or living with a chronic situation are known to the same fight: you want to find people who understand what’s going on in their own lives, but to find those people, you’d likely have to share information about your health more widely than is comfortable.

Curatio is trying to solve both those problems. The social app promises to be a combination of Tinder and Facebook for healthand a style to combat the isolation and stigma that can come with health issues.

“It’s a suffering degree every single person has at some point in “peoples lives”, for themselves or for a family member or pal, ” told Curatio founder Lynda Ganzert-Brown. “If you’re mid-stride in your job, you’re likely not going to go onto a social media platform and say, ‘I just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.’ It’s not the same type of social experience as looking for a restaurant recommendation.”

Curatio first launched through a startup competition in 2013 and revamped in past weeks to serve 10 different health communities. The app acts like an online dating app to connect you with people who have similar health experiences, down to exactly which symptoms they’re experiencing. Then, anyone you connect with becomes part of your network to create a news feed that’s like a HIP-AAcompliant version of Facebook.

“It’s a pain level every single person has at some degree in their lives.”

Since health information is involved, privacy is key. Anything you share only goes to people you’ve approved to see it. And you can’t be totally anonymous, but you don’t have to use your real identity.

There’s likewise an AI concierge to answer questions about health information materials and a segment for personal cancer management and health tracking. Curatio likewise licenses its engineering to other health providers and communities for their own social tools.

So there are a lot of moving components, especially when you consider that there are various different communities on Curatio: menopause, traumatic brain injury, heart disease, the blood illnes Thalassemia, Crohn’s disease and colitis, Type 1 diabetes, and a community for caregivers.

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Shirley Weir founded the Facebook group Menopause Chicks, which transferred their home communities over to Curatio.

“If somebody was necessary to my community[ on Facebook] and tells, ‘I’m losing mane, ‘ I can give them information on experts or volumes, ” Weir mentioned. “It’s different to say, ‘Talk to these four women who likewise experienced hair loss.'”

Curatio users can be members of multiple communities. Many people in its menopause community, whose average members are women in their late 40 s, are often dealing with other health conditions, especially as caregivers, Weir said.

Ganzert-Brown declined to provider user metrics, but said Curatio customers are now in 31 countries.

The health tech space is hot right noweven Apple is devoting significant resources to healthcare apps.

By putting cancer management tools in the same place as a specialized version of Facebook where everyone understands what you’re going through, Curatio hopes to cut through the noise.

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