Couple Loses 600 Pounds Combined Before Wedding& Their Transformation Is Stunning!


Everyone wants to look good for their wedding period. Its one of the most special, important and memorable days of your life.

This couple from New York just took sweating for the wedding to a WHOLE new level. For them, it was their sweating and years of shedding unbelievable pounds that is really led to a wedding.

Ronnie Brower was weighing in at 675 pounds when he chose enough was enough. He wanted to take back control of their own lives, so he began working out and changing his diet. And so began his incredible fitness journey.

Ronnie Brower

Throughout the four years it took him to shed 458 pounds, Andrea Masella, a fellow gym-goer with a similar aim of extreme weight loss, took notice. Their shared mission led to a beautiful bonda match constructed in heaven, Ronnies personal trainer, Nick Murphy calls it.

The couple has overcome inconceivable obstacles that go far beyond losing weight.

Ronnie Brower

Both of us had applied food as a coping mechanism; I would just feed my impressions, Andrea told. Weve gone through a lot of counseling to come to terms with that and change .

Along the lane, Ronnie likewise devoted their own lives to Christ, and was baptized by Nick Murphy three years ago in the Christian church where the couple tied the knot this past Saturday.

Ronnie Brower

After now shedding a staggering 578 pounds blended, the healthy, happy, new and enhanced couple says they plan to continue supporting one another through life, and even begin to counsel others on their own weight loss transformation.

Andrea Brower

Andrea hopes they can be an inspiration to other persons who feel like theyre literally stuck in their own skin, because both of them have been there.

People come to me all the time, asking for weight-loss advice, Ronnie tells. I just tell them theres hope out there. If you crave it bad enough and put your head to it, anybody can do it .

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