Congressmen Troll Donald Trump Jr. With Giant Time Magazine Cover On House Floor


Two Democratic congressmen used Time magazines latest coveron Friday to make a political point about the Donald Trump Jr.-Russia affair.

Reps. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) andTed Lieu (D-Calif.) brought onto the House floor an enormous printout of the publications most recent front page, where the words Red Handed accompany a picture of President Donald Trumps eldest son.

The pair then read into the congressional record an email exchange between Trump Jr. and music publicist Rob Goldstone, where Trump Jr. expressed enthusiasm about meeting aRussian lawyer during the 2016 election campaignto obtain dirt gathered by the Russian government on his fathers Democratic opponent,Hillary Clinton.

Don Jr.s emails are a smoking gun, said Gallego. They prove that the Trump campaign was not only aware of the Russian governments efforts to meddle in our elections, they were enthusiastic about accepting Russian support.

Gallego said the email chain painted a disturbing picture of a campaign, and now an administration, that was willing to break the law and sell out to an adversary of the United States in order to advance their own petty interests.

Our hope is that the American people will carefully consider the content of these messages and what they say about the fitness of Donald Trump and his senior advisers to hold high office, he added.

Check out their full address to the House in the clip above.

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