Chubby Girl Is Bullied, But Transforming To Be Liked Nearly Kills Her


Elle Lietzow ever had a bit of” babe fat” when she was a kid. Although she was just a few pounds heavier than her peers, they would severely bully her.

They would kick, pushing, and chant “fat whale” at her in their elementary school’s playground. When Elle get older, she joined the competitive swim team. She was able to shed a few pounds naturally. With her new weight loss came new friends.

However, Elle discontinued swimming and feared that the browbeat would return if she couldn’t keep the weight off.

” I wanted to stay skinny just to be accepted by everyone. I had gained so many friends when I lost weight inadvertently during my swimming and everyone would compliment me ,” Elle told Barcroft TV in 2015.

She became preoccupied with retaining the weight off by working out for two hours each day. She only ate steamed cabbage and the scalp of an apple. Elle had triggered an eating disorder, but her family didn’t immediately notice its severity. They nagged her to feed more, and eventually Elle would be hospitalized.

Again, Elle wanted to please everyone. She began to overeat and ballooned in size. This triggered her anorexia once more. She became so thin she couldn’t get out of couch. Her toes and thumbs became brittle, black, and virtually snapped off due to poor circulation. Her mane began to fall out and she no longer menstruated.

Elle starved herself of food and water for an entire week. When she finally drank a sip of water, she instantly slipped into a seizure. Elle’s mother, Madonna, rushed her to the hospital. Hours from fatality, Elle only weighed 77 pounds. Her vital sign used to be so low, doctors were astounded she was still alive.

The incident was a wake-up call for Elle. Fortunately, her narrative has a happy terminating. Years after the near fatality experience, Elle is at a healthy weight.

” My life has changed since my recovery. I’m now social, I go out with friends and I don’t isolate myself ,” she mentioned.” A message I have for those suffering with anorexia at the moment is that only you can save yourself. You have to stimulate the change to choose life .”

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, please call the National Eating Disorder Alliance help line at 1-800-931-2237 .

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