Chocolate really can be healthy and this startup is proving it


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The health food revolution has ascertained many of us take a keen interest in what we put into our bodies are the most conscious than ever of eating the right things. That doesnt mean were not all craving a chocolate bar or two though, and theres a UK startup thats putting our favourite naughty snack onto the health food shopping list.

iQ Chocolate is the company generating healthy chocolate from bean to bar. Their create is free from all 14 allergens – including nuts, gluten, wheat and soya – and is low on the Glyceamic index, signifying it wont send your glucose degrees rising. The sweetness of the chocolate comes from organic coconut blossom nectar – which is a superfood itself. Its naturally high in potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, giving you a healthy boost in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C. Chocolate never appeared so healthy.

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Founders Kate and Jane describe themselves as the type of folks who want to live for a very, very long time and enjoy the travel. Its this ethos that underpins the ideas at the very heart of iQ Chocolate who says you cant feed your favourite foods and be healthy at the same hour? After all, the chocolate bean at the very heart of chocolate is one of “the worlds” most nutritiously dense foods how it terminated up at the centre of the health and diabetes crises common in these developing countries has to do with the behavior its farmed and processed afterward down the line.

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iQ Chocolate set out to cut the travel from bean to bar, retaining the health benefits of the chocolate bean in its natural state while hitting on a recipe that savor as good as the chocolate on our supermarket shelves. This proved to be something of a challenge co-founder Kate told Mashable that the team of two were wrestling with the art and science of building chocolate from the bean in the age-old traditional ways testing the results each step of the behavior.
With the help of the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health at Aberdeen University Kate and Jane tried and tested various beans. Start up gear included a whisker dryer, colander, tin dustbin eyelid and a laundry machine, set at 1400 revs Kate recalls although thankfully this method is now a distant remembrance. Following rigorous testing the company ultimately became Scotlands first bean to bar chocolatier.

This rigorous testing went on for some time. Manufacturing became an issue once the company hit on a formula they guessed would impress the masses and boost their health. Regrettably as is the case with many budding startups, funding and concern impediments get in the way of a smooth travel to success, and Kate and Jane terminated up pooling their own funds to begin the manufacturing process themselves, and their early products werent a treat for all tastebuds. After hearing well, its OK from those with chocolate know-how a few too many times, the pair headed back to the drawing board and eventually got the seal of approval from top cook Mark Greenaway his approval sealed the deal.

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When iQ Chocolate eventually made the shelves, “its been” Real Meat in Edinburgh and Glasgows Whole Foods Market that dedicated the company its first business. Fast forward to today and the company has two stars in the Great Taste Awards and is delving into the chocolates application in the sporting world along with its potential to slow cognitive decline in old age. The chocolate is now stocked in 13 countries across the globe, and Kate and Janes plans for world domination are the driving force behind their businesss expansion.

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