Chelsea Handler calls on Ivanka Trump to tell President Trump ‘this is an unacceptable way to treat women’


Chelsea Handler called upon First Daughter Ivanka Trump to devote her parent a message from the comedian.

In a clip from Handler’s Friday episode of her Netflix show “Chelsea, ” the 42 -year-old was discussing the Trump administration’s views on Planned Parenthood with the organization’s chairperson and fellow comedian Sarah Silverman.

“So far, the White House has been a total zero on women and womens health, ” Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards told Handler adding she spoke to Ivanka Trump about the organization. “I guess Ivankas job now is that shes in charge of all womens issues. This would be time to kind of step up.”

Cecile’s comment had Handler wondering if Ivanka “has any influence at all” when it comes to advising her parent, President Trump.

“The reality[ Ivanka] doesnt call him outI know all women feel this style toward Ivanka right now, but Im like, You need to tell that f–king a–hole this is an unacceptable style to treat wives; were moving backwards! “

Silverman chimed in saying she’s “so dead inside when it comes” to politics these days.

“I feel so disheartened. I actually insured that[ Ivanka] follows me on Twitter and I direct-messaged her and I was like, ‘This is your chance. Youre writing your life story here.'”

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