Can this smartwatch compete with Apple? You be the judge.


Image: mobvoi

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There are plenty of smartwatches on the market, but not all of them are as smart as youd think.

With issues like compatibility, battery life, and appearances keeping non-Apple watches from hitting it big, it really takes something special to wow shoppers. Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch by Mobvoi is one such special find.

Unlike the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and other comparable models carrying a hefty price tag, the Ticwatch provides a robust smartwatch for under $200. Its user friendly Ticwatch OS makes it easy to get social media notifications, track fitness goals, read texts, and even use GPS navigation all without taking out your smartphone.

Ticwatch 2 also sports voice command features; you can speak to it to hail a car, set important reminders, and communicate with your favorite apps. Getting an incoming call while running or riding your bike? No need to stop and take out your phone you can literally answer with the flick of your wrist and take the call through headphones.

Ticwatch 2 has a sleek, round face with customizable backgrounds and has a vibrant 400 by 400-pixel OLED display. Its also IP65 rated, meaning you have the freedom to get a little wild and take it to the beach.

Whether youre an avid Android user, an Apple devotee, or feel absolutely no allegiance to either, the Ticwatch 2 works flawlessly with your device. Plus, theres the battery life: One 80-minute charge carries you through two days of use.

Your search for the perfect wearable might be over. Get the Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch for the price of $169.99 when you buy now. Thats a 15 percent reduction from the regular price of $199.99, so dont miss it.

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