Bragis new Dash PRO headphones are true wearable head computers


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Bragi has some new headphones came to see you, and they have more in common with the original Bragi Dash than with the minimal Headphone they launched late last year. The new Dash PRO and Dash PRO tailored by Starkey are more powerful wearable computers, with the Starkey variant adding tech from Starkey, which is a maker of high-end audio and hearing tech.

The Starkey version is being called the worlds first custom-made wireless ear computer, and you can tell Bragi is serious about the tagline since they are italicize it throughout their press release announcing the news. They are also only going to be sold via 5,000 audiologists, employing a highly-assisted personalized shopping experience, all of which voices unbearably ostentatious.

BragiStarkey_DashProTailored_0 1

BragiStarkey_DashProTailored_0 2

BragiStarkey_DashProTailored_1 6

BragiStarkey_DashProTailored_0 5

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