Blogger Mom Highlights Husband’s PERFECT Response To Her Post-Baby Body Insecurities!


Find yourself a man like the one Laura Mazza has!

The popular Australian blogger lately threw a spotlight on her husband Domenic for his take on her post-pregnancy torso — and it’s something every mama needs to hear!

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The 31 -year-old, known on the web as Mum on the Run, recounted the conversation the two had in a Facebook post earlier this week.

The mother-of-two recalled lamenting about how her body, once toned and muscled , now had stretch marks and a intestine, writing:

“‘This isn’t the body fell in love with.’ I said to him. The torso he fell in love with was toned, it had muscles, there were no stretching markings on my belly , none on my boob , no intestine from muscle breakup. The body he fell in love with fit into tight jeans . . . His torso stayed the same, but mine changed in every lane way.”

Mazza said she was “exhausted and transgressed, ” then Domenic gave a flawless response. She continued 😛 TAGEND

“Then he told, ‘you’re right. It isn’t the body I fell in love with. Instead it’s a body that developed our children, it fed our children, it comforted our children, it stimulated life. Your torso is the one I fall in love with every day I didn’t know what desire was until I saw this torso and found out all it is able to do, so thank you.'”

AH-Mazing! What an uplifting message!

Read the blogger’s full post — which includes a photograph of her post-baby belly( below )!

[ Image via Laura Mezza/ Facebook .]