Axe built its brand on male stereotypes. Now they’re trying to undo the damage.


Axe’s latest ad is a major reprimand of everything they’ve built their brand on and it’s totally awesome.

The ad titled “Is it OK for guys …~ ATAGEND” encourages its audience to break free of macho stereotypes and rethink manlines, a continuation of its 2016 “Find Your Magic” campaign.

GIF from Axe/ YouTube.

It’s a neat, much-needed deviation from some of the old manlines tropes the brand used to promote.

Tropes like the notion that if you embrace yourself in body spray, you’ll become irresistible to multitudes of scantily-clad women.

“Spray more, get more.” GIF from Axe/ YouTube.

Or promoting the concept that the existence of the status of women is a danger to human( or at least a danger to the type of manly-men-who-can’t-focus-in-the-presence-of-an-attractive-woman-and-totally-wear-Axe ).

“Black chill.” GIF from Axe/ YouTube.

There’s its significant message at the latest ad’s core about what it means to be “a real man.”

Much of the backlash to Axe’s older ads stemmed from arguings over whether the campaigns humiliated females but the positions in those ads actually hurt men in real styles.

First, let’s relating to the obvious: Telling boys not to holler, extol and enforcing macho stereotypes on men is bad for their mental and physical health.

Compared to women, men are more likely to drink in excess, less likely to be diagnosed with depression( but more likely to die from suicide )~ ATAGEND, and more likely to die at an earlier age.

It’s not outrageous to belief the need to conform to stereotypes contributes to these tragic outcomes. These facts are disheartening and indicate we all need to do more to assistance men. That’s what makes Axe’s move so cool. They’re specifying a new criterion for how we should treat men: as emotionally-layered people with all different and valid express of masculinity.

Whether or not the ad makes you want to go out and buy a can of Axe( if you do, please, please use it in moderation I beg of you ), it’s definitely worth sharing its message.

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