Apple’s lack of daycare wasn’t a mistake, it was a message


After WIRED offered us all a peek into Apples new headquarters, one notable reality emerged: theres no daycare middle. Whooooopsie.

Except this was no mistake. It was a big fat message to anyone who might be contemplating trying to balance family life with their obsessive devotion to their task. And that message reads, in the sleekest font imaginable , nope.

The 150 -acre campus contains a huge fitness and wellness middle and every other amenity you can possibly imagine. Basically everything youd need to live your life at work. Unless, of course, your life includes children.

Kids are many things, but mainly “they il be” messy. That goes against Apples whole vision of how “the worlds” should be and its a vision that most of Silicon Valley shares. Im not talking about being physically messy, though sticky infants dont precisely coordinate with Apples pristine white glass aesthetic.

Im talking about the fact that having kids mess with your life. Theyre unpredictable, they get sick, there is a requirement to attention actual face hour , not FaceTime. No one should stay at the office 24 hours a day, but most parents simply cannot.

Being expected to work all the time affects everyone, but the burden falls disproportionately on mothers. Women, as you may have heard, arent super well represented in Silicon Valley. So maybe it’s not a astound that no one in the heavily male upper echelon of Apple took into account that lining up childcare is a costly and complicated endeavor for most families.

No one should stay at the office 24 hours a day, but most parents simply cannot.

On-site daycare, of course, is not a perfect solution. But having dependable child care at your office stimulates being a running parent a lot easier. And in fact corporations who render it, like Patagonia, understand a huge return in the form of retaining great workers.

There are those who might “re saying that” on-site child care isnt practical for many employers. And thats true. It involves space, though its hard to see how thats a factor when this campus was custom built to serve the companys exact necessity. Its also expensive, but come up, this is Apple were talking about. Cash is not a factor.

Apple clearly could have included a daycare middle if theyd is intended to. Hell, they could have built an entire K-1 2 school too. And probably a rocket launching pad for that matter. But these simply werent priorities. And that mentions a lot.( Well , not the rocket launcher, but the other stuff .)

Thats maybe fine at this exact second, considering that daycare likely isnt the most relevant benefit to large-scale swathes of their workforce. After all, tech bros arent precisely breeders yet.

But this whole campus is a massive investment in Apples future, and their employees will not bide 25 eternally. Theyre going to grow up, and theyre going to start having kids. And as soon as they do, theyre going to be crazy thirsty for a place to drop those children off while they do their work. Too bad they’re not going to find it.

They will, nonetheless, find a daycare on Google’s campus.

Apple’s shiny new HQ is not even open yet and already this thing feels like a relic of the past. That’s what you get for building something precisely in the way Steve Jobs foresaw it. He wasn’t precisely known for his own work-life balance, and so it’s not a astound that his idea of the future didn’t include anyone who might want to actually understand their family.

Heres the thing, though. Jobs is dead. And so is the idea that theres no need for work-life balance in Silicon Valley. Lean in, riiiight? It may take a while for startup culture to come around to having families in-office, but it’ll happen sooner or later.

It mentions a lot that Apples current leadership are determined to double-down on such a family-unfriendly policy now. Its especially ironic, “re coming out” a company whose famous for the motto Think Different. This is some very same-y, old school thinking.

And, induce no mistake, there are still plenty of supposing involved in this endeavor. Every molecule of the campus was designed within an inch of its life. They designed the door handles, the specific angle of the windows, the goddamn pizza containers . They didnt forget to threw a daycare in, they just didnt want one.

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