American Idol 2018: How These 6 Finalists Shine Their Light for God


The revival season of American Idol 2018 (season 16) has its fair share of contestants who aren’t ashamed to shine their light for God across their social media platforms. In fact, CBN News reports that “six of the 10 remaining singers on the show have declared Jesus as their Savior and are using their platforms to glorify God.”

We couldn’t find those declarations, but we did find that these six contestants are very vocal about their trust in God and giving credit to God for their success.

And for that, we say, “Way to FaithIt! Keep shining your light!”

For These 6 American Idol 2018 Contestants, Social Media Is Bright

Michael J. Woodard

Woodard is a student from Los Angeles. His mother is an ordained pastor so he declares proudly that he’s a “preacher’s kid.” And Woodard fills his social media posts with “To God be the glory,” “In Jesus’ name, ” and “Thank you, Jesus.”


Michelle Sussett

Sussett is a Venezuelan refugee who works as a waitress in Sweetwater, Florida. She’s a Dreamer who moved to America three years ago. While living in Venezuela, she watched AI and dreamed of being on the show. Her Instagram bio includes “God’s my armor” with a praying hands emoji.

Sussett is quick to post her thanks to God, her church, and her pastor.

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Dennis Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a singer from Philadelphia. In his Instagram bio, Lorenzo includes: 🙏🏾 | Have Faith, Be Grateful, Be Humble, Never Quit! 🚀

Lorenzo fills his social media posts with “God is so good man,” “Thank you God for this opportunity, I have strength for you…This is just the beginning,” “Trust God,” and praying hands emojis.

Cade Foehner

This East Texas student declares that he is a Christian and a minister who wants to use his music to spread the gospel. Foehner’s Instagram bio includes: “I’m talking Jesus, eating kale, and making music.”

And Foehner is lavish with his “glory to God” posts on social media.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Hutchinson is a musician from Dallas, Georgia, who’s also lost 70 pounds during this season of American Idol 2018. Hutchinson repeatedly gives credit to God on his social media accounts.

Gabby Barrett

Barrett is a student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her Instagram bio includes the Scripture reference: Philippians 4:13.


And around Easter, Barrett shared this video of her singing “Were You There When They Nailed Him to the Tree?”

There’s no telling who will rise to the final winning position on American Idol 2018. Many artists have gotten their start from this reality show such as these Christian musicians:

About American Idol

When American Idol debuted in the U.S., the series revolutionized television, pioneering the reality-competition genre and holding an unmatched record for being the highest-rated series for nearly a decade. The series also ushered in second-screen audience participation, being the first to introduce text-based and mobile voting. The Idol format has taken on original versions in 53 countries around the world, and American Idol itself has played to a worldwide audience of over 460 million across 53 countries. To date, American Idol has earned 57 Emmy nominations and eight wins.

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