A student failed his midtermand learned from getting Twitter famous


Image: Getty Images

It’s not every day you learn about the fate of your GPA on Twitter, but that’s where we are in the freakishly-connected world of 2017. 

On Thursday morning, one Twitter user happened to notice that a professor was grading tests next to him on a flight, and he decided the best thing to do was to tweet about it.  

“If there’s a Taiwan Jones at Howard, boy you failed the fuck out ya midterm,” he wrote on Twitter

Naturally, that tweet went viral. Folks began speculating how poor Taiwan Jones was going to handle the news, and others began searching high and low for the real Taiwan Jones—some even using the hashtag #FindTaiwan. 

Another Taiwan Jones even offered support.

Thankfully, this story has a somewhat happy ending. Taiwan Jones himself (or at least the most convincing Taiwan Jones of all the fake accounts that have cropped up since) responded with a simple “…”

In an apparent attempt to confirm the authenticity of this Taiwan Jones (I’m sorry style guide, but you simply can’t just say Jones or Taiwan. This is a full name kinda guy), someone asked how he found out about his new fame. Turns out his friend, Moe, sent him the tweet and his “heart straight dropped.” 

“I just found out I failed my midterms but also went viral on the internet and I don’t know how to feel,” he eventually tweeted late Thursday night. “Considering I failed my midterm, I feel like I should drop out and pursue the career of a SoundCloud rapper.” 

Don’t give up! You’ve still got finals to redeem yourself Taiwan Jones. We believe in you. Unless this is a fake Taiwan Jones who’s trying to turn the virality into SoundCloud success. If that’s the case then well played?

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