9 Hamptons Workout Classes You Have To Do At Least Once


Betches flock to the Hamptons for the summer like the fowls wing to Florida in the winter. Its just nature. Whether youre abusing your mothers credit card to rent a place in Southampton with friends or just applying the shit out of some daughter you knew from your sorority for her familys beach house, youll make it to the Hamptons at some point the summer months, and when you do, youll want to have your workouts booked in advance. I intend, dont even think about get a front row bicycle at SoulCycle Montauk if you wait till you get there. There are so many chic workouts in the Hamptons these days, but heres our lineup of some of our favs 😀 TAG 8 TT

1. Tracy Anderson Method

If the town of Easthampton exists within human sort, that human would be Tracy Anderson. The Tracy Anderson Method uses toning and cardio exerts to strengthen accessory muscles, which is why youre so sore after one class. Tracy Anderson has opened studios in LA, New York, and London, but her East Hampton and Watermill studios are the most recent and prob have the waspiest clients. I signify, celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston have raved over the Tracy Anderson technique, so obviously every mama in upstate New York wants to book that 9am class before their Fourth of July BBQ.

2. Barrys Bootcamp

Theres something about a Barrys betch that merely spells out, Yes Im up at 7am on a long weekend in Montauk to sprint at a 10.0 inclination. Basically, you dont fuck with her. Barrys has become insanely popular lately, and their Hamptons locatings get booked fast, so youll wishes to volume your treadmill like, a few weeks in advance. By the time youre on your third treadmill round, youll want to die, but its all worth it for several hundreds of calories youre igniting. And the $11 post-workout shake.

3. East End Row

People used to hit up rowing classes when they had an ankle hurt and needed something that was lower impact than bootcamp class, but candidly, you could be get a better workout in a class like this. East End Row is a 50 -minute cardio and strength session based on the rower, so youre alternating between intense calorie-burning cardio and toning exercises on a mat. It also hits more muscle groups than spinning does, so youre get a legit full-body workout.

4. Erika Bloom Pilates

Erika Bloom is the professional dancer and fitness mastermind behind her Hamptons studios, and she teaches some of the class herself, so make sure to book early and get ready for real Pilates. Her technique focuses on little detail in your torso and your form, so youre not just going through the motions without knowing what on land is going on. Like, the teaches will literally move your leg to a slightly different slant to make sure youre feeling the smolder in the right muscles.

5. Punch Fitness Center Kickboxing

Punch Fitness is precisely as blunt as it sounds. Its a dope kickboxing class. No frills , no SoulCycle tanks dominating the roomjust a sick workout that will leave you sweating your ass off. Gloves and wraps are free for your first conference, and you dont have to have any kickboxing experience before you go. Its honestly refreshing to punch the shit out of a pouch sometimes, so if you have any built up anger, you should prob volume a class.

6. AKT in Motion

If youve ever danced the whole night at Up& Down and felt like you were igniting thousands of calories, welcome to AKT in Motion, where dancing is literally a better workout than “youve been” couldve ever imagined. AKT is a dance-based interval class that prides itself on its sexy lights and trendy clientele. I signify, the AKTechnique was founded by celeb coach Anna Kaiser, who literally had a six-pack while pregnant. Do we need to say more?

7. Well Within

Unlike the trendy workouts that have induced their route from Santa Monica to Sag Harbor, Well Within is a fitness concierge service that was founded in the Hamptons by two local girls to offer personalized wellness in the area. I mean, simply in the Hamptons. The classes offered include Fit Pilates, Aromatherapy Yoga, Candlelit Yoga, and Crystal Gridding, which is a holistic ancient healing process use crystals on your body. Lets just say its an experience.

8. Gurneys Montauk

If youre not sick of using the Gurneys geotag yet, it might be worth it to stick around and try their workout class. They give various bootcamp, spin, vinyasa flow, and pilates grades depending on the day, and the grades are fairly legit. They likewise give personal train rates if youre sticking around for the summer and want to get a good one-on-one fitness routine going. Or you could just show up to random grades with your best friend hungover AF. Either one works.

9. SLT

SLT is a megaformer class with locatings in NYC and the Hamptons, and we were hooked after trying a class last summer. The megaformer takes typical Pilates motions and induces them 10 times harder, so youll get a full-body workout while toning muscles “youve never” even knew you had. Trust us on this one. Whether youre a novice to the megaformer machine or consider yourself a Pilates veteran, you will be sore as fucking the next day. And probably the day after that.

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