7 Ways To Navigate Love And Life In Your 20s When You’re Always Busy AF


For many of us, navigating our 20 sfeels like riding a fast, busy, and seriously emotional rollercoaster.

This is a time tofind ourselves, to establish our jobs, and most of all, to adjust to this wholeadultingthing.

Some of us have dreaded student loan pays to build, or weekend jobs to work.

Then, we have to get at our yoga and kickboxing classes, fulfill family commitments, attend birthday parties, do some laundry, go food shopping, and honestly, the list just never ends.

You have to plan your life effectively, because before you know it, your life is likely to be controlling.

Here are seven ways to navigate love and life in your 20 s when youre the busiest chick around town.

1. Scheme out training exercises routine that works for you.



We all know exerting is a major stress-reliever. And once youre does so with your workout, you feel accomplished AF.

Pro tip: Its a easier to sign up for a couple of classes throughout the week to assure specific blocks of time dedicated solely to reaching your fitness goals.

2. Get in the habit of booking your next hair and nail appointments when youre at the salon.

This way, you wont forget. You also wont get to the point where youre itching to switch up your mane color, but cant seem to squeeze it into your hectic schedule.

3. Learn how to say no.

This is an important one. Youre not superwoman, and you cant please everyone all the time. Appreciate just how precious your time is, and be super selective with the invites you say yes to.

4. Combine plans.



Its so important to cherish your friendships in your 20 s. The busier we get, the easier it is to let the gems in “peoples lives” slip away before building time forthem.

If you are able to squeeze in plans for a quick lunch, or happy hour drinkings to catch up with your girlfriends, do it! It doesnt ever have to be some elaborate, flashy nighttime out.

Maybeyou have a fun work invitation, and youre be permitted to bring along a plus one. Discontinue the opportunity to extend the invite to one of your besties.

5. Savor your weekends.

Dont feel guilty about completely relaxing and chilling out on the weekends.

Use this as your me time to recharge and catch up on things you want to do for yourself. Get rid of all of those FOMO feelings, and just do you.

6. Love will happen when you least expect it, so embrace it with open arms.

And when it does come your lane, you need to learn how to let things go, too.

Dont hold onto the guy whos stringing you along and clear doesnt want to make a commitment to you. You deserve lane better, and you quite literally dont have the time or patience for it.

7. Learn how to establish boundaries.

Whether certain friends benefits from you, or other commitments are just too time-consuming, its vital to learn how to protect the time you need for yourself.

Once your routine is more manageable, youll eventually start to feel like you can truly enjoy life. Let the positive vibes flowing, and living through to the fullest.

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