7 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Need In Your Life


After a full time of drinking lemon sea, I can confidently tell you one thing: small readjustments lead to meaningful results. It began last wintertime, when after months of unexplained sluggishness, I realise it was high time to shake up my health routine and get back on a cleaner, simpler trail. This is when the overwhelming instance for drinking lemon sea crossed my radar. Yet how could such a simple activity — drinking hot or cold lemon sea every day — not only affect my digestion, but also greatly improve my energy and overall immune part?

It turns out that incorporating fresh, organic lemon juice into your sea has both direct and passive benefits to your overall health. There are proper hours — and specific uses — for both hot and cool sea, depending on the time of day and in which styles you are looking to balance your system. For example, think warm lemon sea in the morning when you’re focusing on your digestion, since cold water can shock the system. As for cooler or room-temperature sea, I like to fill the tumbler at my desk when casually going about my day. This style I actually look forward to hydrating, and simultaneously receive the additional health benefits of the lemons.

The benefits of drinking water with lemon widen past upping your hydration play, though I must say this was a significant and immediately noticeable change.