6 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Mom If You Have Absolutely No Clue What To Get Her


It’s a known fact that moms are our very own superheroes. They do everything in their power to give us the whole world, all while asking for little to nothing in return. They balance their hectic schedules like total bosses on the regular, and their superpowers never fail to impress in the kitchen. Honestly, how do they do it? This is why your mom may very well be the most difficult person to shop for on your Christmas list. The holiday is quickly approaching, so if you have absolutely no clue what to give your fave human this year and she has given you no hints, these last-minute gift ideas for Mom are golden.

A material gift will never even begin to compare to everything our moms have done for us, but these ideas will surely put a smile on her face. Along with showing your mom how much you appreciate to be blessed with such a selfless, unparalleled gem in your life, consider any of these six options to put under the Christmas tree. Moms, we love you to the moon and back, and like a candle that burns for eternity, that very love we have for you is indescribably beautiful and ever so strong.

1Her Favorite Blend And A Sweet Coffee Mug

Fire Dept. Coffee

Christmas Blend, $14.99, Fire Dept. Coffee

All superheroes need their daily dose of caffeine to hype them up before putting on their capes, amiright? Gift your mom her favorite blend along with something sweet to sip out of, like this monogrammed mug from Anthropologie. If it coordinates perfectly with the color scheme of the kitchen, even better.

I’m in love with firefighter and veteran-owned brand Fire Dept. Coffee, because with your purchase, you’re supporting the incredible humans who protect us on a daily basis. Mom will absolutely appreciate getting into the festive holiday feels with the brand’s Christmas blend.

2A Fun New Workout Outfit

Flexi Lexi

Cactus Flexi Yoga Pants, $79, Flexi Lexi

If your mom lives for yoga and cycling classes, or if she’s all about taking afternoon walks on the trail with her girlfriends, a fun new pair of workout pants and a sports tank is always a great idea. Hit up her fave store that sells athletic apparel or browse through Flexi Lexi’s vibrant designs for something super unique to fit your mom’s incredible personality.

3An Incredibly Witty (And Real AF) Canvas Tote

Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi Shopping Bag, $20, Flexi Lexi

Cake for breakfast, yoga for lunch, and wine for dinner? Sign me .

A witty tote bag like this one will make your mom laugh and think of all of your fave girls’ wine nights whenever she looks at it. It certainly comes in handy for all of her errands, and it’s cute AF.

4An Assortment Of Mercury Glass Votives

Pottery Barn

Eclectic Mercury Votives, $27, Pottery Barn

For the mom who’s super passionate about decorating home sweet home, these mercury glass candle votives are the perfect addition to any antique look. Hit up your local Pottery Barn or HomeGoods to check out their selections. Who knows, you may find some additional gems as well.

5A DIY Detox Cleanse


5 Day DIY Cleanse, $99, Philosophie

Philosophie has a ton of incredible products, including this five-day DIY cleanse to detox the body. Any mom who’s total health nut will most likely love something like this, which includes herbal detox teas, protein powders, an assortment of superfood flavors, and more that she can make wholesome meals with.

You can also get creative on your end and make Mom a sweet gift box with the brand’s superfood honey and superfood coconut butter.

6A Pasta-Making Class

Course Horse

Handmade Pasta Twist (Adult/BYOB) — Taste Buds Kitchen, $79, Course Horse

For all of the moms who are pro chefs out there, this gift idea will truly hit home. Course Horse and Groupon always have unique classes to sign up for, and you’ll definitely make many amazing memories doing this handmade pasta twist class (which is BYOB) with Mom.

If you’d rather bring the cooking memories to your kitchen at home, consider making a gift basket with rainbow-colored bowtie pasta, gourmet tomato sauce, two wine glasses, and her fave bottle of pinot.

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