26 Unbelievable Before & After Transformation Pics From My 600 Lb Life That Show If They Could Do It, So Can You


It’s easy to find an excuse for skipping a workout or cheating on your diet but ignore your health too much and it will seriously deteriorate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back into shape after a minor or a major slip up. My 600-lb Life is a reality TV series that focuses on morbidly obese people and their attempts to change. Some of the transformations on the TLC show are so incredible, you probably won’t believe the before & after pictures show the same participants.

My 600-lb Life was meant to be a five-part miniseries involving four morbidly obese patients, but because of its popularity, new episodes were filmed. Each person who appears on the show weighs around 600 pounds (270 kg) at the beginning and tries to reduce the numbers to a healthy level. The determined stars of the programme have shredded 161, 424, and more excess pounds. They prove that it doesn’t matter how big your goals are if you have the right mindset. As corny as it sounds, nothing is impossible. Scroll down to collect your daily dose of motivation and upvote your favorite pics.


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