21-Year-Old Weighed 320 Pounds, 3 Years Later Hes Transformed To Chase His Dream On TV


Ryan Nisbett from American Idol’s season in 2014, might be the best audition to date.

The 24 -year-old comes into the camera and you’ll immediately notice him for his unique and quirky appearance–he has a handlebar mustache, huge mane poofed up on top but down on the sides, and an outfit that’s both a bit different yet still very chic at the same time.

Everything about him will capture your attention, but when you hear his transformation tale, you might just have your heart melt.

When Ryan was about 21 years old, he weighed in at 320 pounds. He said he only adoration food, but he decided one day that he needed to change his habits.

He went gluten and dairy free, committed to a healthy lifestyle ,~ ATAGEND and it worked.

His before and after photos look like two strangers when you compare, but clearly, he’s still the same boy. Just stronger, healthier, and what appears to be–happier.

The best part of it all? His voice will stimulate you fall in love.

As he sings Sarah Mclaughlin’s ” Angel ,” which is the heart-wrenching song paired with animal rescue commercials, he seems to threw every judge into a trance.

And I think he put me into one too, what about you? Let us know what you think about this incredible young man in the comments below!

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