20 Things I Learned During My Weight Loss Journey Of Losing 96 Pounds


Did “youve been” see one of those before and after weight loss metamorphosi pictures and think,” That doesn’t even look like the same person !” or” They intentionally picked an unflattering’ before’ photo “?

I have lost almost 100 pounds, and have retained it off for so long that there are people I know now who never knew me during the time in “peoples lives” when I was heavy. One such friend learnt an old depict up while visiting and said,” I still can’t believe it, you look so different, I’d nearly think you had cosmetic surgery .” If she had a true understanding of my intense dread of needles( I passed out get my ears pierced !) she’d know that utterly wasn’t the case.

Another time, a home cleaner didn’t recognise me in my own bridal photo and, when I supported it was me she looked at her friend and said anything in Portuguese that included the word “gorda.” After three years of high school Spanish, I know the word ‘fat’ in Spanish when I hear it!

Which brings me to this point: You’ll be surprised how weight loss affects you. I entail, sure you think you’ll looking better, and you will, but the lane you feel, the manner in which you hold yourself and the amount of hours you’ll flash a smile, all change too.


Because of the dramatic changes my body has undergone since I lost weight, I get asked quite a lot how I did it, so here is my own condensed guide to get into great shape. Let’s call it the Cliff Notes version of everything I’ve learned along my weight loss journey.

1. As a rule, unless it’s cauliflower or a White Chocolate Luna bar, if it’s white, don’t eat it.

2. Think of food as a choice, and not as a reward or a penalty. You don’t “deserve” a decadent dessert , nor are you “depriving” yourself if you don’t have it.

3. Don’t get comfortable with some success. There’s no finish line or touchdown dance. As I was losing weight, and every time I went down a size, I was able to buy one pair of jeans, one pair of tan gasps, and one pair of black gasps. I wouldn’t spend a lot, and I would tell myself,” Don’t invest in this size, as you’re not going to be staying here for long .”


4. BLT’s count: Bites, Licks and Tastes add up … and Sips too( so try your best not to drink your calories !)

5. Eat foods in their lowest common denominator: Belief orange , not orange juice, and shop the outside aisles of the supermarket. It’s where the least processed foods are.

6. Avoid any food that has a television commercial.

7. Do, don’t watch.

8. Make rules for yourself. I have a rule that, unless it’s a family movie or sporting event that we are watching as a group, I DVR my favorite those programmes and hop on my exercise bike when I want to watch. Do you have a pedometer? Make a minimum step commitment for every day. I likewise have a rule of not taking the elevator unless it’s going up or down more than 20 flights.


9. Never walk by information sources of clean sea. Booze up!

10. Make your workouts like brushing your teeth, just something you do without question.

11. You get to workout, you don’t have to workout.( This one is a biggie !)

12. Dinners should be a balance of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

13. A stumble doesn’t have to be a free fall. Having a row of Oreos doesn’t have to be a full out surrender.

14. Nix the condones. You’re no busier than a fit person. They’re all busy too.


15. And now, to quote Vezzini from my favorite film, The Princess Bride:” You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The first is, never get involved in a ground conflict in Asia, but only slightly less well known is this …”

16. Never order a grilled chicken Caesar salad and think you ordered a fit and clean dinner. There’s just as much fat and calories in this standard restaurant salad staple as a cheeseburger and French fries. Still crave the salad? Get it without the cheese and croutons, and skip the Caesar dressing for a lighter garmenting on the side and rain , not drown, your greens. Plenty of hours people go off track as they eat something they “thought” was a good choice.


17. Never avoid lifting weights was of the view that they will attain you bulky. If it was that easy to bulk up, there would be a lot more humankinds walking around looks a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his heyday. Speaking of lifting weights, nix the weenie weights too, unless that’s really your starting point. If you can breeze through twelve repeats of a move, it’s time to increase that weight! Heavy weights do great things for your body. Resistance developing boosts your metabolism, burns more calories, even after you’ve stopped working out, and develops muscle, which burns even more calories at rest.

18. It’s very tempting to let food has become a stress reliever. There’s a reason why there’s the term “comfort food.” My suggestion is just to try to be accountable for what you decide to do or not do. Ultimately, you’re captain of your own ship, and you shouldn’t set the wheel in other people’s hands. Caught up in some drama? Figure out if it’s really your problem. I find myself breaking out the” Not my circus , not my monkeys ,” idiom a lot. Even when it is my circus and my monkeys, I tell myself that working out will give me the strength to handle it. If I decide I’d rather trade my dinner for martinis and tortilla chips, I do my best to take responsibility for my choice.

19. Never solely rely on your workout buddy or diet challenge friends when weight loss is on the line. While it is feasible to fun to workout with a friend, or as part of a group, ultimately your weight loss and fitness goals are an individual accomplishment. If your friend needs to skip the gym one day, that’s not a license for you to do the same.

20. Likewise, if you’re out on the town and a challenge teammate recommends splitting the fried Blooming Onion, you’ll need to be the one throwing a fork at them, I entail, politely waning. Did you ever hear that face,” Show me your friends and I’ll present you your future ?” If you’re trying to develop healthier feeing habits and a solid fitness routine, you may be surprised by how those people closest to you respond. I’ve said it a hundred times, saboteurs are everywhere with their very tempting catchphrases:” We’ll start tomorrow .”” Just this once .”” You’re no fun anymore .”” Don’t deprive yourself .” You’re going to need to be the captain of your own fitness ship. As captain, you should also be kept in mind that your crew is not always going to be supportive or encouraging. There may be for a million reasons set out above, and you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.

Charlene Bazarian is a fitness and weight loss success story after losing 96 pounds. She mixes her no-nonsense style of fitness advice with humor on her blog at Fbjfit.com and on Facebook at FBJ Fit .

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