10 Soothing Things To Do Immediately After A Breakup So You Don’t Lose Your Mind


Breakups are the friggin’ worst. When you thought you’d be with someone forever, and the world then comes crashing down around you, you could find yourself wondering justwhat to do after a breakupto feel sane again. You’ll likely be feeling a whole host of emotions you’re not sure how to process, like sadness, anger, confusion, and general angst.

Although it might feel like your whole life has just ended, though, it hasn’t. And the truth (which you may find out in the coming months) is that you’re better off without your ex. Now, though, you have to focus on feeling better.

Here are 10things you can do right after your breakup to ensure you don’t lose your mind:

1. Exercise

Exercise, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the best things in the entire world. It’s good for us, and it makes us a feel good. There’s no better time to hit the gym or that gorgeous outdoor trail than when you’ve just come out of a breakup.

Often, after a breakup, we’re feeling our worst, both in terms of mood and self-esteem. Working out will alleviate both of these things: It releases endorphins, so you’ll feel happier ASAP, and it’ll remind us that we’re doing something good for ourselves.

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