10 Fat-Burning Snacks That Will Help You Stay Skinny Through Fall


Adding the pounds come fall is like, so basic. I mean, we all do it, but we should be better than that. Just because you dont need to be seen in a bikini again for like seven months doesnt mean you get to slack off and wear sweatpants even if theyre all that fit you in December. Pack your desk, your purse, your car, your fridgewhat the fuck everwith these top fat-burning snacks to keep the extra chubby rolls away regardless of what time of year it is.

1. Nuts 

Surprise, surprise. Not only will nuts put you in a good mood because of all the magnesium, theyll also boost your metabolism. Studies have shown that eating 1.5 oz of almonds per day reduces your jiggling belly fat, weight, and BMI. Brazil nuts help boost metabolism by converting thyroid hormones to active form AND grabbing all the toxic shit inside you and getting rid of it before it becomes fat and cellulite.

2. Berries

Thanks to a metric fuckload of fiber (like, 9 grams per cup), berries contain less sugar, more antioxidants, and more benefits than most any other fruit. All of those magical things help you stay skinny, so add them to like, literally every meal.

3. Guacamole

Thank GOD guacamole made the list. Avocados are super high in vitamin B6 which counteracts the fat and stress hormone, cortisol. When you combine that with hot peppers that boost metabolism and some other healthy shit, you have a snack meant to be the king of all belly-burning dishes.

4. Dark Chocolate

Holy shit, so I CAN keep that Hersheys Dark bar in my deskfor health benefits! Dark chocolate helps boost the bodys ability to burn fat as fuel and turns off shit that causes inflammation. Grab a fancy chocolate bar with 70% or higher cacao since youll get more of the benefits and less of the sugar.

5. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Heres a weird one, but were #blessed it made the list. Some dudes in Japan recently discovered that a compound in tomatoes can burn fat. Plus, the lycopene and beta-carotene in these bitches can aid in having a tiny waist and flatter belly. So why not raw tomatoes? Sun-dried and cooked tomatoes actually contain MORE lycopene than raw; plus, you can munch on them a lot more easily.

6. Greek Yogurt

This shouldnt be a surprise to anyone cause this shit has been on every healthy list for years. Greek yogurt helps build muscle, has tons of Vitamin D, and helps turn off the fat and stress hormone, cortisol, which we fucking just explained to you up around guacamole. Grab your plain full-fat Greek yogurt for breakfast, sprinkle with berries and cinnamon, and youre off to a belly fat genocide, yay!

7. Peanut Butter

Eating peanut butter straight out of the container isnt exactly the picture of health we were hoping to portray, but whatever. Peanut butter helps reduce hunger which leads to weight loss (omg science). Grab the good kind of peanut butter though, like, with peanuts, water, and salt and pretty much nothing else. You could even go to Whole Foods and grind your own if you’re an asshole.

8. Tart Cherries

Eating cherries before bedtime can help you get some goddamn sleep which, in turn, can help you burn fat. Tart cherries are full of melatonin, which can help you relaxgetting your ass to sleep easier. Theyll also help with warding off shit like cancer, Alzheimers, and other crappy diseases. You can also drink the juice if youre not all about nomming before bed.

9. Coffee

Weve said it beforecoffee is the cure to literally everything. Coffee revs your metabolism and can, therefore, help you keep the pounds off and keep the belly fat at bay. Of course, if youre adding sugar and cream, you may as well toss the benefits out the window.

10.   Green Tea

Because its high in some science shit that burns fat and stops it from forming, green tea is like, our fav metabolism-boosting, fat-busting drank. Of course, you have to drink like, 4-5 cups per day to see a real difference, but its practically water so we can get behind it.

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